It’s not just a haircut, it’s an experience!

Paw-Some Services

We offer a full range of spa and grooming services. All grooming options include a complete organic and hypoallergenic bath as well as the thorough nose-to-tail attention outlined below. We pay attention to every detail and provide aroma therapy and music for your pet to ensure they enjoy their spa experience.

Each appointment includes 15 minutes of detangling, after 15 minutes we charge $50 per 15 minutes for detangling. For first time clients, we do not accept matted dogs. We do reserve the right to refuse service if your pup is overly matted and will refer you to a vet. Work from start to finish usually takes about an hour to an hour and a half. Pricing may vary due to size, the condition of the coat, matting, knots and length of hair.

Your groomer will have a full consultation with you before getting started to review any additional costs.

All Services Include

Shampoo & Conditioner

Conditioning Sprays

(customized to skin and coat needs)

Ear Cleaning

Teeth Brushing

Paw Pad Trim
& Conditioning

Nail Cut & File

Sanitary Trim

Fluff Dry
& Fur-Fume

A stylish Accessory

And Our Special Sch-wag bag!


(included with all grooming services)

Standard Bath rates
Extra Small $165^
Small $185^
Medium $205^
Large $245^
Doodle (small – under 16lbs) $225^
Doodle (large – 16lbs and over) $245^

We use the finest natural ingredients in our mild, organic, hypo-allergenic, tearless shampoo. It cleanses thoroughly and safely, pampering even the most sensitive skin. It will leave your pet’s coat soft, plush, and smelling naturally fresh. Every pet gets three shampoos and washes with every spa.

If your pet doesn’t require a special needs shampoo, we also have a wide array of premium shampoos and conditioners to choose from. We offer the very exclusive and posh Les Pooches shampoos and conditioners, as well as Iv San Bernard, Igroom, Quadrapet, and Hydra. Some of our products can only be purchased by the ounce! We can assure you that your best friend is getting nothing but La Mer quality.


(includes bath service)

Standard Grooming rates

Extra Small Groom $195 ^
Small groom $205 ^
Medium groom $235 ^
Large groom $285 ^
Doodle (small – under 16lbs) $245 ^
Doodle (large – 16lbs and over) $285 ^

One of the most requested styles for designer breeds! We trim the entire coat to a uniform length (typically between 3/8” – 2”) to help minimize tangles, thick coats, and matting, while retaining maximum cuteness!

Breed Cuts
We will scissor and style your pet into their traditional breed-specific clip and make any client requested modifications.

FFT “Face, Feet, Tail”
Intended for frequent flyers on a 4 week schedule, this service is to tidy up unkempt hairs out of place and keeping your pet maintaining his or her natural beauty.


Creative Grooming - $195 / hour

The possibilities are endless with the services we provide in creative grooming. Everything from nail art, nail wraps, body bling, airbrush art, temporary color, semi permanent color, chalking, color enhancing, color accenting, feather extensions, clipper art, animal print designs and more. Feel free to call us for more information in regards to creative grooming services.

All Hair of The Dog staff are certified members of the Creative Groomers Association. All color products used are petsafe vegetable based pigments. Creative grooming and styling is an art form that combines the love of the dog and the imagination of the groomer. Everything we do and all of the products we use are with the safety and comfort of the pet in mind.

Asian Fusion - $195 / hour

This style of grooming is generally suited to small and Toy dog breeds, ideally with long or woolly coats. Typical characteristics include:

  • Short, round faces and muzzles
  • Round ears set high on the head
  • Pronounced and/or rounded tails
  • Rounded, volumized trousers and leg furnishings
  • Adornments such as ribbons and feathers

Multi-layered cutting and creative color work
Asian fusion grooming is based on a mix of conventional/traditional styling with asian styles and methods. A kind of East-meets-West style of grooming – which is both cute and manageable for your pet.

We have an extensive selection of photos for you to reference when selecting a style for your pet. This method of styling is nearly entirely done by hand-scissoring which requires a lot of skill, patience, and artistic capability.

Handstripping - $250 / hour (recurring) $300 / hour (single)

Handstripping is a service we offer with pride to keep wire coated dogs with the proper texture and color. This is entirely a personal choice, whether to clip or strip. It doesn’t affect the well being of your terrier.

We offer regular services of “rolling the coat” to keep new hair growth coming in. We also offer seasonal strips that are done a few times a year. Whichever service method you choose we are happy to accommodate you and your pet, and to provide him or her with an enjoyable day at the spa.

Geriatric Grooming - $175 / hour (extra small, small breeds) $195 hr medium & large

We offer special grooming services for older dogs that need extra-gentle care. Our state-of-the-art bath system raises and lowers, allowing for dogs with hip problems to easily be transferred in and out of our tubs for a stress-free experience.

Specialty Show Grooming - $300 / hour

We know that when its time to wow the judges you need the very best in grooming. Every member of our team is experienced with grooming for shows and we specialize in getting your furry friend ready to impress. We offer thorough, breed specific grooming services so that you can step into the ring with confidence.

Cat Grooming - $195 / hour

Yes! We cater to our feline friends as well.



Double-Coated Breeds - $175 hr (extra small & small breeds) $195 hr (medium, large breeds)

Coat is shampooed and conditioned with products specially formulated for double coat. Under coat is blown out, coat is raked, combed and scissored to breed standard. 

The more frequently your pup is seen the less time the process takes. 

Client Testimonial

“The bubble bath is divine. All the stress of my day just washes away. I look forward to my spa day every month. Sometimes you just have to spoil yourself.” 

– Princess / Terrier from the Upper East Side

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